Military Honors

If a loved one has served their country they are entitled to certain rights.  The first is to have a U.S. flag present in the casket with the deceased, during visitation, and later to have it draped over their casket while going to the cemetery or in the event of cremation to have the flag present during the memorial service.
The second right is to have the military to provide a government marker, to mark the grave of the veteran.  Providing the veteran was discharged under any condition other than dishonorable. 

Thanks to a group known as the “Blue Coats” we are able to offer full military services to honorably discharged veterans.  This service includes a pass and review by the Honor Guard, a salute by riffles, the playing of T.A.P.S., and the folding and presentation of the flag to the surviving relative.

It is also possible to provide burial at sea for honorably discharged military veterans.

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